Beans Stew with Puntarella, Rosehips, Yacón & Pistaccio

Blackberries & Plums with Curry, Hemp & Lemon Verbena

Young Celeriac with Malabar Spinach, Duroc Pork & Currant

Veal Kidney with Watercress, New Potato & Sea–buckthorn

Nasturtium Blossom with Tigernut, Elderflower & Oxalis

Celeriac with Orange Blossom, Capers & Topaz Apple

Krim Onions with Potatoes, Endive & Beechnut

‘Marchfeld’ Artichokes with Poppy Seed, Peach & Russula

Eggplant & Bell Pepper with Soave & Pot Marigold

Tomato with Venus Clams, Risina Beans & Hyssop

Pomelo with Coconut & Diamante Citron

‘Pompoen‘ Pumpkin with Cape Gooseberries & Bitterorange

Venison Heart with Grain, Sheated Woodtuft & Mushroom Plant

Char with Beeswax, Yellow Carrot, ‘Pollen’ and Sour Cream

Sturgeon with Red Chicory, Cornell Cherries & Artichoke

Jerusalem Artichoke with Mushrooms, Swede & green Almonds

Forest Perennial Rye with Chard, Buna Shimeji & Japanese Woodtuft Mushrooms Elderflower

Wild Duck with Red Cabbage, Uhudler Grapes & Cape Gooseberries

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