» Madrid Fusion’ is one of the most important culinary expositions in the world. «

»It is where chefs from all over the world meet to present and share new ideas and techniques for the kitchen.« - Heinz Reitbauer.

The Steirereck Presentation at Madrid Fusion

Steirereck was invited to create a presentation about Austrian freshwater fish. Heinz Reitbauer introduced rare, native fish varieties and novel methods of preparing and cooking them. “My aim was to draw attention to the outstanding water quality and the wealth of fish available in Austria.” said Reitbauer.

In the following videos Reitbauer discusses the most important points of his presentation:

Two years ago Reitbauer and his team developed a new method of cooking which has caused considerable interest in professional circles: Cooking in beeswax. Organic beeswax is heated to a specific temperature and poured over the product. After a short time the wax sets and the food –in this case a grayling fillet- is perfectly cooked and has taken on the aroma of the wax. “We tried cooking everything in beeswax, from meat to chocolate, and the technique is very versatile.” explains Reitbauer.

A further technique with which the valuable fats of these delicate fish are preserved is ‘branding’. Here the fillets –in this instance mountain trout- come into contact for a fraction of a second with a highly heated branding iron. A machine was especially developed for this technique which reaches an exact temperature of 600°c. »The result is a wonderful sweet-grilled flavour for the fish without losing the liquid omega 3 fat.« Says Reitbauer. »This allows us to serve our guests a fish that not only tastes good but that is also nutritionally valuable.«

The third method Reitbauer introduced at Madrid Fusion was cooking on a salt stone. Char from Lake Attersee which are peculiarly small, and therefore delicate and tender, in relation to other varieties is cooked on a salt stone which has been heated to 75°c. »The fish takes on the salt through its skin and is simultaneously gently cooked.« explains Reitbauer. »As with all the cooking methods our aim is to refine the consistency and flavour of the fish whilst conserving its nutrients.«

»At the end of our presentation we wanted to share with the audience a small gift which we give to our female guests on leaving: Lip-gloss and lipstick produced from 100% natural, Austrian ingredients without any additives or preservatives. The aroma for the winter season came from our wealth of citrus fruits from the orangery at the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna.«

»The presentation at Madrid Fusion was followed with a high degree of interest by an auditorium full with journalists and chefs from all over the world and I was proud to be able to represent Austria at such a renowned convention.« reflected Reitbauer on his appearance.

Text: Mag. Markus Gasser

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